Thursday, 9 June 2011

Introduction to Thunder Rift

The Thunder Rift region and Timeline
by Havard
from the Mystara Message Board posted 05 September 2005.

What is Thunder Rift?
Thunder Rift is a small isolated valley, named after the characteristic thunderous roar that can sometimes be heard throughout the valley. Despite its small size, Thunder Rift is home to a wide range of peoples and creatures and has a rich history, full of wonders, glory, conflicts, violence and tragedy.

The Thunder Rift Project
In the spring of 2004 a group of us were discussing Thunder Rift on the Mystara Mailing list. What follows is my attempt to reconcile some of the ideas that appeared there. Some of the people involved in the discussions were Giampaolo Agosta, Chris Cherrington, Aaron Harper and Andrew Theisen. They, and others whose names I have forgotten, deserve credit for their ideas and contributions that made this project possible.

Where is Thunder Rift?
Several suggestions have been made to where Thunder Rift should be located. In Norwold, in a pocket dimension parallel to Mystara, or perhaps not even anywhere near Mystara at all. I have settled on placing Thunder Rift in the northeastern part of Darokin, near Rockhome and the Dwarfgate Mountains. The following assumes this to be the location of Thunder Rift.


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