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Races of Thunder Rift

Races of Thunder Rift
by Havard
from the Mystara Message Board posted 09 September 2005.

Humans - The Valleyfolk
The first Humans to arrive in Thunder Rift around BC 500 were probably of Traladaran origin. However, in the years to follow, small numbers of other ethnic groups have entered, making the humans of Thunder Rift into population with a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds, the result being a culture, not unlike that of nearby Darokin, even though the Valley has no contact with the Republic on any regular basis. The major human settlements are the villages of Melnir and Torlynn.

Elves - The Gauntlin
The Elves of Thunder Rift, sometimes referred to as the Gauntlin Elves are of the same stock as the elves of Alfheim. They worship Ilsundal, Mealiden and Eyrindul. Their ruling family is the Silvercrest Clan, a clan favoured by the Faedorne spirits who dwell on the Shining Isles. The power of the elves is said to be rising in Thunder Rift now that the legendary Silver Sword once again is in the hands of the Silvercrests.

Dwarves - The Farolas
The Dwarves of Thunder Rift arrived around BC 900, lead by the legendary hero, King Farolas. They were a minor family of the Syrklists of Rockhome, but have since adopted the name Farolas as their Clan name. Other minor clans also live side by side with the Farolas Dwarves in the hills bearing the same name.

The Halflings were once refugees fleeing from conflict in what later became the Five Shires. It is unlikely that they have their own Crucible of Blackflame. The Halflings of Thunder Rift live in the hillsides surrounding human lands, seemingly getting along with all the other races.

Rakasta - The Ashai
The Ashai arrived only a few years ago, being driven from their provinces in the Myoshiman Empire on the invisible moon of Patera. They have currently settled on the Wailing Plateau in the Gauntlin Forest, but have not yet made much contact with outsiders.

Is it possible that elves and dwarves could produce offspring? Thargat at Thessandria, heroes of the First Quadrial were married and Thessandria was pregnant with Thargat's child when they were both assassinated, most likely as a result of a Dwarf Elf conspiracy since both races were so disgusted by the relationship. After this, no one has hear of more attempts to bring Dwelfs to life...


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