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Lord Kaylor, the Master's Executor

Lord Kaylor, the Master's Executor
by Havard
from the Mystara Mailing List posted 02 April 2004.

Human Fighter10, Cleric 5


Lord Kaylor is a tall menacing figure with a closely trimmed black beard. His skin has a deep tan and his eyes are pitch black. He is usually dressed in dark desert garb and a black leather armour, wielding a nasty-looking scimitar.


Kaylor was the leader of a Thyatian expeditionary force whose mission was to learn more of the Desert Master. Unfortunately they were lost in the Sindhi Desert and while his men wanted to try and find a way back, Kaylor insisted that they would press on, continuing their mission. However, his fellow soldiers betrayed him and abandoned their leader in the desert. There he had to learn how to survive the hard way. He gradually became accepted by a group of desert orcs and eventually became their leader. He still bears a grudge against the soldiers who betrayed him and believes that such weakness is part of all civilised weaklings. Eventually, Kaylor was discovered by Alrethus among the ranks of the orcs serving the master. The Master's second in command brought the young warrior before Hosadus who made him one of his top men.


Lord Kaylor is harsh and cruel. However, he has some twisted sense of honour within him. He despises all forms of treason and prefers honest battles to ambushes. He sees it as his personal goal to lead the Masters forces across the Known World, punishing the civilised peoples for their weakness.

Using Kaylor:

Kaylor may be used as a major character in a campaign featuring the Master's Forces, and may be presented as the main villain before the heroes learn of Hosadus and Alrethus working in the background. Alternately, Kaylor may replace Alrethus or even Hosadus should the PCs kill either of the above.

GMing hints:

Lord Kaylor should be played like a dark version of Laurence of Arabia. He has the looming presence of Lord Kael from Willow and may be compared to what Aragorn would have been like, had he chosen to serve Sauron instead of the people of the West.

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