Thursday, 9 June 2011

Newts of Thunder Rift

Denizens of Thunder Rift
by Havard
from the Mystara Message Board posted 11 October 2005.

In addition to the Major Races, many other creatures also dwell within the Valley....

This ancient lizard race lives in the swamps near Torlynn. They have a strong dislike for humans, but get along well with Lizardmen. The origins of this race is unknown, though there are rumours that they have been in the valley since the Age of Blackmoor. The Newts worship Stodos, Lord of the Icy Wastes (See MSOLO1 for more on Stodos.)

A modified type of armour is perhaps even more interesting than a new feat. I agree that losing the leaping ability should remain in force.

Perhaps the armour could be something like this:
Newt Chainmail
This modified chainmail is created to accommodate the newt's special disdain for heavy and warm armour. It is lighter and allows for more air to help keep the Newt cool, even in combat situations. When worn, the Newt does not suffer his normal -4 penalty for wearing armour, but still loses his Leap Ability.

Perhaps combined with this feat:

New Feat: Newt Knight
Requirement: Newt, must have become accustomed to living among humans, wis 13+
You are a true Knight of Newts. You are able to overcome your disdain for armour. A Newt Knight does not suffer the normal -4 penalty for wearing metallic armour. If wearing special Newt Chainmail, he can even retain his Leap Ability.
Normal: Newts suffer a -4 penalty to combat rolls while wearing metallic armour, and lose their Leap Ability.


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